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What a Heck is Funded Proposal in Online Business!
If you have been involved in internet marketing or any online business for any amount of time, you have most likely heard the funded proposal. This term simply stands for a program or product that will in most cases cover your marketing expenses right away.

By using a funded proposal/low entry fee opportunity at the front of all your marketing efforts you will rarely if ever lose money again with your advertising efforts. Many online business owners are attempting to market high ticket items or programs that start at $200 and can be as much as $2000+ to get started!

For example if you spend $400 on an ad and get zero sales, you just lost $400. If you instead lead with a funded proposal strategy in your online business being a low ticket item, you find that many are going to be willing to get started fast, in the process widening your data base of buyers who are much more likely to join you in your high ticket programs later on.

Never ever lead with a high ticket item because you are pretty much guaranteed to lose money every time you run an ad. You should always save the high ticket items for people who are on your own list and already know you, trust you and have most likely purchased from you on a smaller item scale already. This is very important in your online business advertising efforts.

Commonly used funded proposal opportunities cost less than $50 and offer industry specific marketing, traffic generation information, e-books or tools and software etc that any online business owner could utilize. By using this strategy you will be able to get so many sales automatically simply because people are comfortable taking a look at high ticket programs once they become comfortable spending money with you upfront on a small scale.

Once you have made this front end sale automatically, you can begin to introduce the lead to your bigger commission programs and you will realize that with time many will join you in those high ticket programs automatically.

In summary, you will never lose your database because you are in control of your own leads. The list is your real asset

Is that logical and exciting? If you thought that is good enough then you can get more information in this free internet wealth report and see how every thing fits together in a funded proposal at its best for online business owners.

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